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Whether for business or pleasure, traveling to Honduras can be a fun, new adventure! If you’re planning to stay in Honduras for an extended period of time, you may want to bring more than your basic travel necessities. Before planning your big move to this country, you should take a look at the custom regulations and documents needed to enter Honduras. Before getting into more detail about your cargo shipping requirements, let’s take a look at what the country of Honduras has to offer.

Honduras is located in Central America 미국배송대행 , about 1,620.17 miles of air travel from the United States. Bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, the official language of Honduras is Spanish. Recognized for its rich history and tradition, the population exceeds 8 million people.

Honduras is a growing cultural destination and also a place where some choose to retire. For those making their way to this country, there are some important shipping rules and regulations to understand.

Customs Regulations for Shipping to Honduras

Every person entering Honduras needs to present a valid passport, residence visa or work permit (in the case of a lengthier stay). Those going to the country for business must have the appropriate documentation for proof of employment.

If you are moving to Honduras permanently or returning to the country after having been away for a while, you should have the certificate issued for granting a residence change. For household goods and personal effects, there must be current permits presented, as well as a detailed inventory of your household goods in Spanish. It is helpful to include 3 copies. Lastly, you should plan to have a letter authorizing destination agents to clear your shipment.

Keep in mind that you should plan to be present at customs clearance when shipping to Honduras. All goods entering the country are inspected. You can import used household goods duty-free to Honduras.

Dutiable and Restricted Items When Shipping to Honduras

When shipping to Honduras, some items are restricted and duty fees may also be required. You will have to pay duty fees on new items and electrical appliances. These items should be shipped with an original purchase invoice. It is advisable to include four copies of the purchase invoice.

You can also ship plants to Honduras but you will need to have a quarantine certificate. If you are shipping tobacco products, keep in mind that these products are allowed in small amounts. Similarly, you can ship certain items duty free in limited quantities. This includes: one bottle of hard liquor, 1 full carton of cigarettes, 1 pound of tobacco or 250 cigars.